Opinions should be fun and easy!

Opinions should be fun. And easy. And interesting. And maybe even make you think. That’s what Toosent is all about. It’s now easy to give and get opinions on a variety of topics. Dive right in and give us your Toosent. Better yet, ask anyone else for their Toosent.

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Everyone has opinions. Give us yours!

Don’t be afraid to voice your opinion; in fact we want to hear what you have to say on a bunch of fun and interesting topics. Who is the greatest quarterback of all time? Do you approve of the job the president is doing? Which sofa should your friend choose? It’s all in there, go ahead.

After you answer, you get to see what everyone else thinks. We’ve also thrown in some trivia just to test your knowledge of useless information.


Find out what everyone else thinks!

Don’t know a single select from a likert scale, it doesn’t matter - we make it so easy to ask questions (really, it’s all on one single page). Do you want to ask your Facebook friends, your linkedin followers, or maybe you want to know what everyone thinks. Go ahead...ask away! Then see the results and comments in real time.


Earn badges and rewards!

Okay...so we’re getting a little ahead of ourselves, this is afterall a new product. We’re going to soon be adding rewards, awards and badges...so stay tuned. But in the meantime, ask and answer questions and give us feedback.

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